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Chinsetakout here!!

We’re Having a Part y To Celebrate The Awesome Club Penguin Cheats From Our Main Site

Remember today we are having our 800,000 Hits Party Everyone is invited and we hope everyone can come Here is the invite:


These are the different times for the different time zones:

USA Eastern: 1:30pm

USA Pacific Time(Western Time): 10:30am

USA Centeral: 12:30pm

USA Mountain Time: 11:30am

Awesome! Please try to come out and have a great time partying We will take a bunch of pictures so your penguin could very well be shown to the whole world when we post them on here!



Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new pin! Click more for its location:


Here is the latest Club Penguin Pin Cheat:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Go to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop
  3. Click the Safari Hat Pin
  4. Click Yes to add it to your inventory



Cool Pin! Definitally has to do with the Adventure Party!


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Update: Click here to see Aqua Grabber and Clothing Catalog News!

Chinsetakout here!!

I have some big news! We are having our first contest! It is a commenting contest for a rare penguin! Just follow these rules and you could win:

Contest Rules:

  • Person with the MOST COMMENTS wins the contest
  • Numbers are allowed
  • No spamming (example: wehfudhfuhd)
  • No advertising or links in comments
  • We will hold all comments under moderation until the end of the contest
  • The end of the contest will be Wednesday, September 3rd
  • We will announce the winners September 3rd so have a look then to see if you won!

The winner will get this penguin:

Good luck! I hope all of you have a fun time and i cant wait to see who the winner is!


Jojo161616 here!

The new 150th Newspaper Anniversary pin is in the boiler room!

Today Club Penguin released the new Furniture Catalog! Here’s what they brought!

I am so glad they brought back the Coffee Shop couches!

I like this new kitchen stuff and they brought back the coffee table!


I can’t wait to buy this!

Press the piano for the guitar stand!

Click the Orange Lava lamp for the blender!

These items will go great in your Coffee Shop!

~ Jojo161616

Jojo161616 here!

   Today the 150th Club Penguin newspaper came out and here are some of the important things inside it!

Happy 150th Issue!

Here are some awesome events to look forward to!

Remember to check our site for all the info about the coming events!


Jojo161616 here!

Club penguin just released a new sneak peek of the upcoming Furniture Catalog! The sneak peek looks like some steel or metal, the coffee machine on the coffee shop counter, a golden fireplace, and the coffee shop couches! Comment and tell us what you think they are!

Also Billybob told everyone that the Soccer Pitch will stay even after the party is over and non members will be allowed in! So you non members out there, get a move on and play some Soccer! 🙂 Also the 150th newspaper comes out tomorrow so check back here for all the upcoming events and news!


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